Skunk Gets Bodyslammed After Charging An Opossum

possum wrestles skunk
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Ahh, the joys of a weirdly placed Ring Doorbell camera…

For the most part people put security cameras at their front door, back door, maybe one to see their yard, but on occasion people are placing them in all sorts of weird places, most likely in hopes they’ll capture something like this. A camera was set up along a fence line in what I believe to be a backyard and we get to see two of nature’s night crawlers square up with each other to get access to whatever grub or worms are living under the grass.

Skunks can vary quite a bit in size, growing from 15 to 37 inches long and weighing anywhere between 1 and 13 pounds, according to PBS. Opossums grow to be around 15 and 20 inches long and weigh between 4 and 12 pounds, so there’s no much of a size difference between these two critters.

Skunks can be found in every state in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii while opossums are the only marsupial native to North America, and while today they can be found throughout the lower 48, they were only introduced to western states in the 1890’s, according to PAWS.

Both creatures have similar diets which include pretty much anything they can get their hands on, but they primarily try to get their paws on frogs, snakes, insects, and whatever berries they can find. They are also both known as docile creatures who try to avoid confrontation whenever possible, but as we see in this video, sometimes confrontation is unavoidable.

This clip starts with the two creatures eyeing each other up. The possum doesn’t seem to mind sharing the space, but the skunk clearly has other ideas. The stinky striped fella begins posturing at the possum, flaring its tail high in the air and then begins charging to run him off.

But this didn’t have the effect he wanted, and the possum went full WWE on him, grabbing the skunk by the neck and suplexing him clear into the sky before driving him into the ground.

Clearly stunned, the skunk starts slinking back, clearly embarrassed and afraid of what else this opossum can do.

Score one for the native marsupial.

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