Joe Rogan Tries To Put An Arrow Through Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck

Joe Rogan shoots Tesla Cybertruck
The Joe Rogan Experience

If you haven’t seen Tesla’s Cybertruck, boy, you need to check this son of a gun out. Not only does it look like something straight out of Back to the Future, but it’s also made to be bulletproof. You know, incase you ever happen to get into a shootout and need to run for cover… just be sure to have a Cybertruck on hand.

Elon Musk recently made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and while he was on, the two discussed the new Cybertruck (which Elon drove to Rogan’s studio). Musk explained how they’ve tested the truck’s bulletproof ability by shooting it with a shotgun, a .45, and a 9mm… and nothing penetrated.

And that’s when Rogan couldn’t help himself but ask the question:

“Could I try it with an arrow?”

Musk then laughed it off and said a crossbow may be able to penetrate the exoskeleton of the truck, and Rogan said he has a 90-pound compound bow that may be able to do the trick. Musk then responded:

“A crossbow with enough force might be able to penetrate it.”

Joe was pretty adamant that he could get it in there, so ultimately they decided to test out this experiment… right then and there. Joe grabbed his bow, and they met in the garage where the Cybertruck was parked.

He aimed, fired, and sure enough, the bow wasn’t able to penetrate the vehicle. All it did was leave a small dent in the door, and Rogan showed the arrow with a flattened tip and busted shaft.

Needless to say, these things are the real deal.

And if you’re wondering why Joe Rogan donned a blonde wig and a Puerto Rico baseball jersey for Halloween, here’s why. A Joe Rogan doppelganger was spotted at the World Baseball Classic, during a game between Puerto Rico and Mexico, and the resemblance was just uncanny.

Jose Rogan…

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