Steph Curry Hit A ‘Home Alone’ Scream Celebration After Crossing Up Dillon Brooks Into Another Galaxy

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Since Steph Curry used to have the nickname of “Baby Faced Assassin” amid his meteoric rise at Davidson and transformation into an NBA legend, it’s fitting that he pulled out a Home Alone celebration on this highlight-reel, off-dribble 3-pointer at Dillon Brooks’ expense.

Brooks is so unworthy of the $86 million the Rockets are due to fork over to him over four years. Never mind the fact that he’s an awful veteran mentor type for this young Houston squad. It’s never not funny when Brooks is humbly, forcibly put back in his place by someone who actually has room to talk smack.

This has to be Kevin from Home Alone, especially since that movie franchise’s signature toy, the Talkboy, was Steph’s favorite gift he ever received growing up.

This whole situation also actually stems from a rap video where a digital avatar of Steph strikes that iconic pose:

I was covering my bases a little bit with that headline, putting the word “Scream” in it. That’s because my first instinct was to say, “OMG STEPH DID A SCREAM CELLY!”

I love Home Alone as well, don’t get me wrong. But I thought we were going full spirit of Halloween mode with a more apropos horror reference.

The Ghostface mask in the Scream movie franchise is inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream. The fact Scream is, like, a secondary pop culture touchstone that can be inferred from Steph’s celebration fits so well with the layered, meta nature of that series of films.

Why am I gloating about Brooks’ misery and embarrassment? Well, because he was going around talking all kinds of crap to LeBron during the latest iteration of the NBA playoffs. At the time, Brooks was on the second-seeded Grizzlies, facing off with the Lakers in the opening round.

Brooks defiantly stated, “I poke bears.” And didn’t care about respecting an “old” LeBron or the Lakers at all. The second part of my headline at the time was, “if only there was precedent for this ending poorly.”

Memphis wound up getting absolutely yeeted by 40 points in a close-out Game 6. Brooks shot 31.2% from the field and 23.8% from 3-point range in that series.

I’m sure Brooks was running his trap at Steph all Sunday night. Oh, look! Warriors win by 11 in Houston. Ouch, Dillon Brooks. That’s gotta sting!

Ooh you’re so scary, Dillon! The epitome of a fake tough guy by professional athlete standards. Like…at least be somewhat good if you’re going to mouth off?

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