LAPD Got Suspended From YouTube For Posting An Assault Video Asking To Help Identify The Attackers

LAPD assault video
LAPD assault

C’mon YouTube… get it together.

The LAPD recently found themselves in trouble with YouTube after their account got suspended for posting a video of a… wait for it… crime. The department shared a video of an attack that went down on September 28th shortly before 11:45 AM, when a male victim was approached by two men walking with bicycles.

According to KTLA5, one of the men swung a pair of bolt cutters at the victim, and proceeded to punch and kick him several times. They walked away, and then confronted him again before knocking him unconscious with the bolt cutters. They shared the video asking if anyone could help identify the perpetrators, you know, pretty routine police work.

YouTube took the channel down due to the violent nature of the video.

The LAPD announced that the account had been “temporarily suspended after (posting) a video of a brutal attack.” They also shared on X that they had appealed the suspension, but had been denied.

The LAPD said the purpose of posting the video was to help the public identify the suspects.

Needless to say, you can imagine a post like this garnered a number of responses, with the majority of people (the ones with common sense) understanding why the department would be trying to identify and apprehend the attackers, however others argued that they should remain suspended for sharing such a violent video to the public.

Others told the LAPD to post on anti-censorship platforms like Rumble and X, however, their YouTube access has since been restored.

Here’s the video that was originally in question:

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