Hawk Slams Into A Building After Trying To Fly Off With A Squirrel In Illinois

hawk with squirrel

Been skipping wing day I see…

When I was living in Florida, there was a hawk that used to land on my Jeep and perch there for hours on end.

I have no idea why it did it, but until then I’d never seen one up close. Sure, they look pretty big up in the sky, but when you’re walking to your car and you see it from 15 feet away, my goodness it looks like it can pick you up and carry off to the nest.

We’ve even seen examples of their flight power before, like this guy playing with a rabbit in mid-air, but this latest video shows that I may have overestimated just how strong they are…

Taken in a parking lot in Joliet, Illinois, a group of guys notice a hawk sitting on top of a car a few spots away. (Seems like hawks sure enjoy car roofs)

It was holding a squirrel, which it must have just grabbed from one of the nearby trees or grassy areas, and was preparing to fly high into the sky to feast in peace, but there was one problem.

Turns out either the squirrel had been hitting the acorns hard or hawk had been skipping its morning workouts, because the second it took off, it was clear the hawk was struggling.

At one point it gets so close to the ground that the poor squirrel is scraping on the pavement, but then the hawk started getting some liftoff and all appeared well, except for one giant problem.

It was flying directly towards the building and somehow didn’t notice.

This hawk went full force into a concrete wall, landing with an audible smack and sent the dudes watching into an uproar.

Side note, if there’s anything better than seeing something cool and funny with the boys, let me know because I haven’t found anything yet.

We don’t get to see how this played out, but if I know anything about squirrels is they’re resilient little buggers (see this guy launching out of a tree, hitting a driveway, and running off seeming unharmed) so it’s possible this hawk was not only humiliated, but lost a meal.

Kinda feel bad about this, but also, come on dude, you’ve got to know your capabilities, even airplanes have weight limits…

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