Neighborhood Tree Removal Sends Squirrel Flying, Survives Incredibly Hard Impact

Nature Is Metal


It’s not often these days, but every now and again you see a tree that’s much too large for its location.

Whether wedged between houses, businesses, or powerlines, it’s quite a procedure to make sure the tree doesn’t cause insane damage by toppling over the wrong way when felled.

In this particular case I stumbled upon, what looks to be a pine tree had grown to an enormous height right next to a house and driveway and had to be removed. The workers began the process by working their way up the tree, cutting down each limb as they climbed higher, until they reached the very top.

And when that very top was cut loose (sending the worker swinging back and forth too much for my liking) an unexpected creature flew out of the falling branches.

Turns out, there had been a squirrel still hiding in the tree and it went absolutely flying through the air, tumbling head over heels before slamming into the grassy yard below.

For most animals, that would be all she wrote. The fall looked to be over 50 feet straight down to the earth, which is more than enough to turn the lights out on pretty much all living life, but not the rubber-made squirrel.

He took it like a champ and immediately sprung back up and ran away, cutting through the legs of two workers below and away into the community.

There’s no way to know for sure if he survived after the adrenaline wore off, but just the fact it was able to bounce up like that is proof that those little buggers are way tougher than me.

Also, how about we check for squirrels in the future, fellas? I understand you’re not going to be able to prevent all of these incidents, but it will at least limit the number of outraged comments you’ll get when you post a video.

The world sure is a wild place.

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