Hawk Drops A Rabbit, Swoops Down And Catches It Again Mid-Air

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Look at the reflexes on this bird.

When it comes to birds of prey, it’s pretty amazing what they’re are capable of. These raptors are powerful birds that have amazing hunting abilities, unlike most of the wildlife kingdom. They are fierce predators that can spot prey a long way out and attack from above with power and speed, driving their talons into kill zones of their prey.

And this video just shows how incredible they really are.

The viral video that’s once again making its rounds show what appears to be a hawk flying around with a rabbit in its talons. But the bird drops its prey mid-flight, before swooping back down and snatching it right back up.

Amazing. And pretty damn cool to watch.

While it may appear that the prey slipped out of the bird’s grasp and he made a lucky catch to scoop it back up, what we say may actually be intentional. Often when these birds fail to paralyze or kill their prey on the first catch, they’ll intentionally drop it and catch it again in an attempt to finish it off.

Nature is pretty badass.

Squirrel Narrowly Escapes Hawk’s Grip After Lightning-Fast Attack

Nature is metal, man.

It seems crazy to think as we live our lives day to day, hoping for peace and harmony throughout the world and pick up food at local grocery store as we go and sit in our houses, that these animals are out here fighting for their lives daily.

No matter what species it is they are constantly living on the hunt for food and on edge waiting for another predator.

People joke about how much fun it would be to be an animal, but holy hell, I think we are lucky right where we are.

Squirrels are an interesting little animal. They are around in massive numbers, as very little area can support dozens of the little creatures. Although, their high volume and lack of defense makes them the perfect meal for many animals.

That doesn’t mean they’re not tough though, they love to hunt a bit themselves often stealing eggs and young out of bird’s nest.

Hawks on the other hand, are a badass species as a whole.

Every time you see any hawk, they have the eyes of a born killer. They are fierce predators that can spot prey a long way out and attack from above with power and speed, driving their talons into kill zones of their prey.

This video shows a poor little squirrel have a feed at his local feeder set out generously by some homeowners. These types of things are a haven for predators. It’s much like baiting for bear or deer, they can just sit and wait for the meal to come walking out to eat as they ready to launch the attack.

Out of nowhere a hawk hits the squirrel with some power and holds onto it with the death grip. The poor squirrel seems like it’s done for, but instinct takes over and it won’t go down without a fight. As the hawk moves the squirrel bucks and is able to escape the grip long enough to make a break for higher ground away from the bird.

The squirrel clearly survived just fine as it came back to the feed in a few days with some war wounds on its side, seemingly fine.

These animals are tough, every single one of them.

Woman Lets A Mouse Go, Only For It To Get Nailed By A Hawk

He was just waiting for it.

I can’t help but laugh at this. They thought they were being nice releasing the mouse only to basically feed it right to a hawk.

That is the reality of nature.

Mice are small, agile rodents that are found in a wide range of habitats, from forests and grasslands to urban areas. They play an important role in the food chain, serving as prey for a variety of predators, including hawks.

Hawks are birds of prey that are known for their sharp talons, eyesight and swift flight. They are skilled hunters that use a variety of tactics to catch their prey, including mice. One of the most common hunting techniques used by hawks is the dive, where they dive at their prey from high in the air, using their talons to grab the mouse and kill it.

Hawks are also known for their excellent eyesight, which allows them to spot mice from high in the air. They can see mice moving on the ground from several hundred feet away.

This was an easy one for the hawk though…

A woman is seen releasing a trapped mouse on her back deck. She is excited to the let the little guy free.

As soon as she opens the trap the mouse takes off on a tear. It gets out in the yard and a hawk swoops in and snags it in a flash. The people are shocked but can’t help to laugh about the situation right in front of them.

Nature is hardcore… all of the time.

House Cat Snatches Owl From Mid-Air On Backyard Patio

Don’t sleep on the house cat.

Anyone who owns a cat knows that deep down, each one still thinks they’re a tiger.

Constantly leaping on things, play fighting, catching mice, or chasing squirrels, the impressive athletic capabilities of these felines are never too far from being unleashed.

They also tend to have a bit of an ego and sometimes will try to go up against an animal much larger. But this ego has its benefits, as we see in a backyard security cam video from a few years ago.

At first glance, the family’s house cat is just enjoying the night by lounging on a patio chair. But take a closer look and you see it has something lined up directly in sight.

An owl, presumably a great horned owl, was staring straight at the cat under the table, the two of them locked up in an intense stare down.

After a few tense seconds, the owl makes its move, swooping up and around a pile of cushions to try and blindside the cat. But unfortunately for the owl, the cat was ready.

It leaps into the air and cleanly snags the attacking raptor, sinking its teeth in and bringing it into the ground, where it proudly stands over its kill.

The owl was a small one, most likely an inexperienced youth, but still, the fact the cat was able to take it out with ease proves yet again we’re living with tiny tigers.

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