Lainey Wilson Announces “Heart Like A Truck” Fund

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A great name for a great cause.

Lainey Wilson just announced her “Heart Like A Truck” fund, which will actively contribute to a wide range of diverse philanthropic endeavors and organizations aimed to transform lives and offer resources to an array of causes.

She made the announcement during an interview with SiriusXM yesterday, ahead of her “Heart Like A Truck” #1 party in Nashville. The song reached the top of the country charts back in April, becoming her third career hit at the time.

The mission of this fund is to raise money to aid a wide array of causes in cities across the country that are near and dear to Lainey’s heart:

“‘Heart Like A Truck’ is Lainey Wilson’s charitable Fund that actively contributes to a diverse range of philanthropic endeavors and causes aimed at transforming lives and commemorating remarkable victories.

Through Heart Like A Truck, Lainey Wilson offers vital resources and support to an array of causes, each with a unique story and a shared purpose of creating a brighter, more promising future for individuals and communities in need.

This charitable Fund stands as a shining example of the change one heart can bring about in the world.”

She says she’s excited to be able to do this now that she’s at this point in her career, saying it will help others while also filling her own cup, so to speak, adding that “we all need a little cup filling”:

“I’m so excited to be able to finally do this. To be able to give back because that’s what it’s all about and that’s what I’m finally able to do.

The truth is I feel like I’m just in a place where I can do that. I think finding certain organizations and charities I’m passionate about, going to all these different cities, and seeing what the need is will really fill my cup.

And we all need a little cup filling.”

Amen to that, Lainey.

And of course, the new fund is named after her song “Heart Like A Truck,” which was included on her fourth studio album Bell Bottom Country and was produced by Jay Joyce and written by Lainey, Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson.

The song finds Lainey taking a real and honest look in the mirror, as she comes to terms with the fact that she’s not perfect and that’s okay…

Actually, it’s more than okay, and just like your grandpa’s trusty old pickup, most of us know deep down that the dents and scratches from years of wear only adds character.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting name, or message, for her new charitable efforts, and I can’t wait to see all the good she’s going to do with it.

Turn it up…

“Heart Like A Truck”

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