Hiker Lands A Knockout Punch On Goose After Surprise Attack

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Cannot say I had watching a hiker KO a goose on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are…

Sometimes videos of people interacting with animals are hard to watch. There’s those folks that want to pet bison, take selfies with bears, and all sorts of other insane things, but sometimes it’s not really the person’s fault that they find themselves squared up with a wild animal.

We just saw a man fight a kangaroo to save his dog, but now we’ve got another video that may just rival it…

There’s no location details for this video, but a group of friends were out hiking when they came across a fallen tree that lead to a small island in the middle of some body of water. As we’ve all done many times, one in the group decided to do their best Tarzan and walk across it just for the thrills, but what would greet them on the other side was completely unexpected.

After crossing easily, showing some great balance, and doing a little celebration dance, it turned out there were some other living creatures nearby that didn’t much like the interruption to their life.

A goose erupted out of the brush below and flew up to the hiker’s face, ready to do some damage.

At that point, we probably all thought we were going to see this goose wreak havoc and send the hiker falling into the stream, but that’s not at all what happened.

Pulling out a hell of a Mike Tyson impression, they slipped the first attack, created some distance, and then threw a vicious overhand right that caught the goose straight in the head, sending it tumbling into the dirt. It wanted nothing else to do with the hiker and stayed down on the other side of island.

My goodness, that was some serious athleticism. Not only avoiding the initial attack, but landing a punch, and using some slick footwork to not trip over the roots and end up in the water?

A big tip of my hat to whoever you are.

Always gotta keep your eyes peeled out in nature…

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