Farmer Sprays Poop All Over Protestors Who Are Trespassing On His Land

Farmer sprays protestors
Maverick Productions

Welp, that didn’t go according to plan.

When a group of protestors showed up on a farmer’s land (that’s called trespassing) to have their voice heard against fracking that was going to take place on his property, he decided to take matters into his own hands to remove the group.

But believe it or not, the group of trespassing activists actually featured Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson, who you may know from Howard’s End, Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and more. Apparently they were trying to put on some spoof of The Great British Bake Off (great show by the way) for Greenpeace, dubbed Frack Free Bake Off.

However, these types of protests don’t always go according to plan, as you’ll see. Another example of this can be seen when a group of vegans locked themselves to duck farm machinery, resulting in one dude almost losing his head…

In this case, the farmer does his best Dale Jr, circling the group with precision, and spraying them with manure. Just great technique here – gives them nowhere to go, boxes them in, ruins some clothes and shoes and everybody is covered in crap. Just like you draw it up.

Eventually the the farmer drove off and the police arrived to calm things down, however nobody was arrested and it doesn’t appear that the farmer pressed any charges against them.

Kind of brings new meaning to the term “sh*t storm,” eh?

‘The Farmer’s Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Had People In Tears

Every when the Super Bowl comes around, the commercials are always a huge focus. And every year, there are some standout commercials, and some duds, but one in particular had many Americans in tears… and that would be “Forever,” by The Farmer’s Dog.

The dog food company took viewers on a journey of a puppy and owner, spotlighting the special companionship between them over the years, which I think millions of people can relate to.

It’s a certified tearjerker.


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A beer bottle on a dock