One-Toothed Philadelphia Phillies Fan Goes Viral Ahead Of Critical Game 7 Matchup With The Arizona Diamondbacks

Phillies fan

Sports are simply the best.

If it weren’t for the Philadelphia Phillies making a run in the MLB postseason, as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks forcing a game seven, then we would have never gotten to meet this die hard, one-toothed Phillies fan.

A Philadelphia news station was interviewing fans on the street ahead of tonight’s winner-take-all matchup, and they accidentally created a viral moment. This fan made the most of his time on camera, and absolutely stole the show.

You can never really set out to make a viral video, because the internet always decides what pops off, and what doesn’t, but there was absolutely no doubt about this man becoming a viral sensation. You have to think the Phillies will somehow include him in the finale of the National League Championship series.

The fan, sporting a powder blue sweatshirt and a backwards cap (and a very long tooth), only said a few words, but that was all he needed to get his message across and fire up the entire city of Philadelphia

“Game 7 tomorrow night. Let’s go Phillies!”

Put that man up on the jumbotron in Philly tonight and watch Bryce Harper and the gang hit unlimited home runs afterwards.

Social media loved the Phillies fan’s interview, though they did get pretty ruthless in the comment section below the video:

Beautiful pun right there, shoutout to you Donny Brooks…

But no, the game is not at 2:30 EST, even though a lot of postseason baseball games have inexplicably started right in the middle of the day. By the way, this is the first Game 7 of the Phillies entire existence, so the fans there will certainly be fired up, and here’s to hoping that the one-toothed man gets a ticket.

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