Texas Rangers Fans Sing Creed’s “Higher” As The Team Punches Their Ticket To The ALCS

Texas Rangers

I have to admit, I’m loving every second of this Creed comeback.

The hard rock band has gotten a lot of internet hate over the years for being cheesy, but it’s the same concept as Nickelback… everybody loves to hate on them, but everybody deep down loves at least one or two songs.

It was awesome to see that Creed announced they were briefly getting back together for the Summer of ’99 Cruise this summer. And on top of that, the Texas Rangers seem to have embraced Creed’s music as well, and it’s taken them deep into the postseason.

It all started when Rangers pitcher Andrew Heaney, told MLB Life that the team had started blasting Creed’s music in the locker room to spark a late season run:

“According to pitcher Andrew Heaney, it started when they were struggling in the second half of the season this year.

He said he hopes that Creed is playing throughout the ballpark before their home games this week because it would fire the team up if fans started singing along.”

The mojo from Creed is paying off, as the Rangers punched their ticket to the American League Championship Series last night after sweeping the Baltimore Orioles in the divisional series.

And to make the whole Creed story even better?

The Rangers played the band’s smash hit “Higher” during the game last night, and the fans were going absolutely nuts in the stands.

And on top of that, fans were even singing from their living rooms:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock