Utah Man In Hot Water For Pole Dancing Skeletons In Halloween Display

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I have to admit, I always love driving around my hometown this time of year to see what kind of outrageous Halloween decorations people put up outside their house. I’m fully convinced that some people will pull from their life savings to make sure they have the spookiest yard around.

And of course, I’m sure it’s like this across the country, as I’ve seen some wild Halloween decorations over the past few years surface on the internet.

For example, there was the Chicago residents who defied the laws of gravity and created a real life scene from Stranger Things, using a mannequin to be portrayed as Max while she’s floating up in the air while in the Upside Down.

And most recently, we’ve seen a hilarious Halloween display of a Denver Broncos watch party, where there are a few skeletons watching as the Broncos lose to the Miami Dolphins 70-20.

And now, here we are yet again, and this one might be my most favorite of all…

This one is up in Grantsville, Utah, where one homeowner hilariously decided to turn a street sign into a stripper pole, attaching a skeleton with long pink hair pole dancing as a few other skeletons sit in lawn chairs looking on. I mean, this is some next level creativity right here.

According to Fox 13, Christopher Fujishin was the man who put up the hilarious display, but he has received some backlash from not only neighbors, but the city. He said that a neighbor kept walking over to the display to cut it down, and on top of that, the city posted on Facebook that he had until 9 PM last Wednesday to take it down, as you apparently aren’t allowed to hang stuff from street signs.

Fujishin told the outlet:

“Maybe a little risqué for some people but it’s all in the name of fun.”

And if you’re worried about what kids might think when they see something like this, he responded:

“If your kids understand what that is maybe the problem’s not the skeleton dancing on the pole, maybe it’s something else.”

Fujishin removed the display from city property, but has relocated it to his front yard, and made it even bigger with more lights, music, and skeletons, as neighbors are even dropping more stuff off for it.

He continued:

“We look forward to keeping this going and getting a little more elaborate as we go.”

Just see for yourself:

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