Colorado Man Is Winning Halloween With “Denver Broncos Watch Party” Display

Denver Broncos family

It’s been a rough go for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season thus far. After a horrible 2022, which featured Russell Wilson’s worst season of his career in his first year as Denver’s quarterback, the Broncos fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

And who was his replacement?

Former New Orleans Saints and Super Bowl winning head coach Sean Payton came out of retirement in an effort to bring Denver back to the promised land. Payton even got ballsy and called out the whole Broncos coaching staff from last season, basically saying it was mind boggling how terrible they were

A bold statement before the season had even started. So, how’s the 2023 season gone for the Broncos? They’re currently 1-5 after a 19-8 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last night. Not to mention, the Miami Dolphins scored 70 points against them for the first time in an NFL game since the ’60s.

Yeah, things went from bad to worse in Denver under Payton’s regime.

With that being said, one person decided to get a little creative for spooky season, as Halloween is right around the corner, and that’s by turning their yard into the most terrifying thing imaginable…

A Denver Broncos watch party.

The yard features a scoreboard that shows “Miami-70, Broncos-20,” and you have one skeleton sitting in a chair in obvious pain and misery from watching the Broncos play. On top of that, you also have another skeleton yacking in a caldron.

I have to give this person/family some props here. This is some next level creativity.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock