Angry Kangaroo Sparta Kicks A Man To The Ground: “Oh My God”

kangaroo kicking man

The fact that kangaroos get to just walk around Australia like they own the place and sometimes decided to square up with people is downright mindblowing to me.

There’s no shortage of videos showing humans and kangaroos brawling. We just saw a guy stop one from drowning his dog, this man wrestled one for 6 minutes, this lady give one a Derrick Henry stiff arm, but all of those show humans coming out on top.

There are also videos where us people don’t fare so well and this video is one of them.

There’s not much context around this video, but it appears a dad was trying to save his dogs from being attacked by one of these creatures. (At this point it’s pretty clear that kangaroos don’t like dogs, I don’t know why, but there’s enough evidence for me to state it as a fact.)

The man is able to get between his dogs and the roo, but just when he though it was all over, you can hear his daughter start yelling to him that kangaroo is charging him.

“Dad it’s coming! Ahh! Oh my God!”

The kangaroo meant business and sent a “This Is Sparta” kick directly to the man’s chest, sending him tumbling backward onto the dusty ground.

Have to say, it sure seems like the dogs cared more about the dad than his daughter did. She just stood by, watched, and laughed while they ran over to try and help.

The video cuts out from there, but it didn’t look like it was about to inflict any further damage and hopefully everyone got out of there unharmed.

I’m thankful to live in America for all sorts of reasons, and although it does seem like it would be cool to see these guys hopping around in the wild, I’m thankful I’ll never be in the situation where I’d have to fight one of these beasts.

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