Border Collie Still Gets The Job Done After Being Leveled By Defiant Sheep

Border collie herding sheep

Does anyone or anything take more pride in its job than a border collie herding sheep?

Often called sheep dogs, these good boys and girls are bred and trained to control herds from a very young age. Personally, I think it’s fascinating that a pet can be trusted with such an important job.

The pets that I’ve had in my life barely know how to play fetch (or are just too lazy to try), so it’s pretty impressive to see a dog know exactly what is expected of it, and stop at nothing to get it done.

In this clip, a border collie is trying to push a couple of defiant sheep back into their fenced-in area, but they aren’t having it. One of them even goes on the offensive and pummels the dog to the ground.

Even with the sheep lowering its head and trying to intimidate the border collie, it isn’t fazed by the larger animal and continues to do its best to turn things around on the fluffy sheep.

The dog’s persistence finally pays off as it back the sheep into their pin, despite a couple more attempts by the sheep to fight back. At the end of the day, the border collie put on a masterclass in sheep herding, and looked like it enjoyed every single second of it.

Take a look:

Now that is a good boy…

X users (formerly Twitter users) were loving the video of the resilient border collie, and made sure it knew it deserved all of the treats it could eat for doing its job succesfully:

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