Stephen A Smith Makes ‘First Take’ VERY Uncomfortable When Molly Qerim’s Phone Starts Buzzing: “You Always Like Me Mentioning Vibrating”

Firs Take

It’s no secret that Stephen A. Smith is arguably the most polarizing sports personality in the game. The man is known for his boisterous opinions, and if you don’t agree with him, then you’re gonna get yelled at on live television, no matter how outrageous Stephen A.’s take is.

However, this time around, it wasn’t a wild sports take he’s making the headlines for…

Yesterday on First Take, Stephen A. decided to make a normal moment painfully awkward for his counterparts Molly Qerim and Dan Orlovsky, when he said:

“That’s Molly’s cell phone ringing, by the way…”

Molly quickly pointed out that her phone wasn’t actually ringing, but just vibrating, which, to be honest, she kind of walked right into. I mean, she set herself up for that one. He continued:

“I try to say ring. Do you want me to say vibrating on the air? You always like me mentioning vibrating on air with you with your phone. You really want me to do that.”

Dan Orlovsky had to cover his face with a towel over over the comments, saying:

“Stephen A…. this isn’t the ‘Stephen A. Smith Show’ on YouTube, alright. It’s Disney.”

On top of that, Qerim looks tense as all get out and taken back by Stephen A.’s comments. The look on her face was straight up “deer in the highlights.” As wild as the comment was, that’s why we love tuning into First Take. You never really know what might be said.

Check out the full conversation below:

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