Songs That Would Sound Better If Chris Stapleton Sang Them

Chris Stapleton country music
Andy Barron

When it comes to country music, there’s one artist above all others that can sing powerfully and effortlessly at the same time: Chris Stapleton.

It took a while for Stapleton and his iconic beard to break through in the country music industry, but once he did, he was almost immediately one of the brightest stars of the genre.

Many would be surprised to know that Traveller (yes, the one with “Tennessee Whiskey” on it) is his breakout debut album. A casual fan might think that Traveller was Stapleton’s magnum opus, and an album that he slowly crafted after years of being in the industry.

Nope, it was his first stab at it, and it blew people away.

It’s hard to find another country artist, or any artist for that matter, that can match the mighty vocals that Chris Stapleton was blessed with. In fact, try to think of one and I’ll wait…

You couldn’t, could you? That’s why when other artists in the music industry were asked if they could trade voices with any one artist, almost every single one of them answered Chris Stapleton.

Fans are anxiously awaiting Stapleton’s upcoming project and fifth studio album Higher, which is set to release on November 10th. The singles released ahead of the album have been tremendous, and each one showcases Stapleton’s unmatched vocal ability in a different way.

Which had me thinking… what are some songs that are out there that are good, but would sound better if Stapleton sang them? Each artist often brings their own unique touch to their personal songs, yet wouldn’t it be possible that Stapleton’s talent alone could elevate them?

That’s why I took some time to craft a list of songs that would sound better if Chris Stapleton sang them. It took me a while to go through and decipher this collection of songs, so prepare yourself and get ready to work through some songs that would sound better if Chris Stapleton sang them.

Every Song Ever Made…

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with me here. Basically, take any song that’s ever been made, let Chris Stapleton sing it, and it’s instantly better. If you don’t believe me, or think that I’m exaggerating, allow me to present a couple of things as evidence.

After Stapleton sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, pop artist P!NK, who has some pretty strong vocals herself, was quoted saying:

“Did you see the national anthem? I wanted to reach through the TV and smack him in the face. Why would the rest of us ever sing again?”

And she’s got a point, just watch this and ask yourself why they would ever have anyone different sing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Somewhere a bald eagle just shed a tear…

And my other piece of evidence, or pieces I guess, would be the collection of songs that Stapleton has covered over his career. I hate to break it to other artists out there, but once Chris Stapleton covers your song, it becomes his.

Just listen to some of these phenomenal covers by Stapleton and try to tell me I’m wrong:

“Whenever You Come Around” by Vince Gill

“Tennessee Whiskey” by David Allan Coe (yeah, it’s a cover)

“Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins

“Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” by John Mayer (he even owns this one singing with Mayer)

“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica

See? Every song ever isn’t an exaggeration…

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