Pink Was Blown Away By Chris Stapleton’s Super Bowl National Anthem Performance: “Why Would The Rest Of Us Ever Sing Again?”

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It sounds like P!NK is just like the rest of: upset about how freaking talented country music singer Chris Stapleton is.

P!NK, whose actual name is Alecia Beth Moore, appeared on a radio show on Z100 New York and the topic of Stapleton’s talent came up.

The two artists have come together on a couple of duets in the past including the 2019 hit “Love Me Anyways” and the more recent release “Just Say I’m Sorry,” but Stapleton’s stirring Super Bowl National Anthem was the talking point for the interview.

I mean, come ON with it:

P!NK discussed on the show how much respect she has for the 8 time Grammy winner, and how Stapleton has been the nicest, most humble person she has met any time she has interacted with him. Her reaction to his rendition of the country’s anthem for the biggest football game of the year was both complimentary and envious:

“He is the most humble man in the room. It’s almost offensive how humble he is. Did you see the national anthem? I wanted to reach through the TV and smack him in the face.

Why would the rest of us ever sing again?”

Stapleton certainly set the bar high with his anthemic voice, and apparently P!NK is calling for him and only him to ever sing “The Star Spangled Banner” again.

Those on the show started to say that his performance of the National Anthem before the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles squared off in the Super Bowl could possible go down as the greatest ever. P!NK responded by saying:

“Well now it’s you (Stapleton) and Whitney (Houston). No one else should ever do it.”

Always have to respect the all-time great Whitney Houston.

The conversation turned back to when herself and Stapleton worked together on the song “Just Say I’m Sorry,” which was based on a poem that Moore had wrote to her significant other. It is already apparent that Stapleton is naturally gifted with his voice, but she explained how easy the entire songwriting process comes to him as well:

“But he’s the most humble guy in the room. Like, a two take wonder and he’s just…I feel very lucky. He likes to collaborate outside of his genre.

He’s just one of those Nashville guys he’s like ‘Yeah totally let’s do this, is that what you had in mind?’ 

Stapleton’s openness and excitement to collaborate with artists of all genres is what led to the pair working together. “Just Say I’m Sorry” has such depth that you might have thought it took days if not months to produce, but P!NK explains that the process to write the duet only took a matter of minutes:

“Just Say I’m Sorry is a poem I wrote for Carey (P!NK’s Husband) and I read him (Stapleton) the poem and five minutes later we had a song. I was like ‘You know you have to sing it with me right?’ A

nd he said ‘Oh. are you sure you want me to?’ I’m like, dude, yes, YES!”

Stapleton stayed humble throughout the whole process, and he might be the only person in the world who doesn’t realize his own greatness. P!NK quickly jumped on the opportunity to work with him again, and thus their hit song “Just Say I’m Sorry” was born.

P!NK’s interview with Z100 can be seen below:

And just in case you haven’t heard the powerful duets by P!NK and Chris Stapleton, I went ahead and tracked it down for you.

“Love Me Anyway”

“Just Say I’m Sorry”

And if you were living under a rock during this most recent Super Bowl, here is Stapleton’s legendary National Anthem performance:

Pink Brings Out Chris Stapleton For Surprise Duet

Back in 2019, P!nk and Chris Stapleton released a hard-hitting duet called “Love Me Anyway,” which appeared on her Hurts 2B Human album.

While performing in NYC’s Madison Square Garden, the pop superstar surprised the fans when she brought out Chris Stapleton for a powerhouse duet.

They both crushed it, of course, and Pink ends the performance with a bow and faint.

I don’t blame her…

Gotta love it.

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