A Meme In Two Parts: Watch A Football Launched In A Crowd Hit Random Person Right In The Face

football to the face

There are always two sides to a story, and having different perspectives on a situation is usually beneficial.

This situation, or video rather, is both a tragedy and a comedy. Through my extensive research (zooming in and Googling for 5 minutes or so), I’ve gathered that this took place at the University of North Dakota at what appears to be a rowdy tailgate.

Now I can’t confirm nor deny what the tailgate is for. Considering that one of the main characters in the story that unfolds on video is a football, and the fact that we’re right in the middle of college football season, it could be a good, old fashioned football tailgate.

However, make sure to take notice that the man who is chucking the football is wearing a number 11 “Zach Parise” hockey jersey, who played his collegiate hockey at the University of North Dakota.

You’ll also notice a number of other hockey jerseys in the crowd, so it could it be that a football just happened to be present at a hockey tailgate?

Then, again do hockey games have tailgates? I’ll confess that I’m not exactly knowledgeable on hockey, so I don’t know if fans practice the art of the tailgate before puck drop.

Does all of that information that I just laid out there really matter? I’m sure you are thinking “I just want to see someone get hit in the face with a football.” I can assure you that we are getting there.

I think knowing the location of the incident is helpful, only because you can now associate this hilarious video with a certain university. The video below has a comment overlayed saying “POV: You found where the ball went,” and somehow that’s an understatement.

The first point of view that we get to see is very important. It almost acts as the setup of the joke, and let me tell you, seeing the punchline is magnificent. We first see the person rocking the number 11 Zach Parise jersey dropping back to pass with a football, and then he absolutely launches it into the air.

The camera then pans over to show that the guy wasn’t throwing it to anyone in particular, and it’s actually recklessly descending into a crowd of people.

Most of the time, our imagination has to fill out the rest of the story, but luckily for us, another camera was rolling in the area where the football landed. Specifically, a phone was basically right in the face of the person that got hit with the errant football.

And it was as if the ball was launched by Tom Brady, because the ball hit the unsuspecting person right in the numbers, and by the numbers, I mean right square in their face.

Take a look:

That’s gonna leave a mark…

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