Megan Moroney Posts Photo With Olivia Rodrigo… & Fans Are Already Begging For A Collab

Olivia Rodrigo Meg Moroney
Jeff Johnson

I’m going to admit it…I’m scared of the power of music this duo could create.

Megan Moroney is the IT emo cowgirl on the scene right now. With no shortage of clever lyrics about exes, Megan Moroney’s masterful songwriting captured the hearts of country music fans nationwide.

Currently, in the thick of her Lucky Tour, Moroney had a special guest in the crowd during her show at the historic venue, The Troubadour.

“Sooo, a spicy Pisces & an emo cowgirl walk into a bar.”

For those unfamiliar with the girl standing to the right of Moroney, let me introduce you to Olivia Rodrigo.

The pop artist has made quite a name for herself in the music industry with two albums, with GUTS being her most recent release. Like Moroney, Rodrigo loves to spin her heartbreak into masterful songs that often do not highlight the men in her life in a positive light.

Rodrigo has been compared to a young Taylor Swift with the style of her songwriting and calculated releases and performances. Lots of Easter eggs are scattered throughout her projects, although where Swift has a little country flavor, Rodrigo brings a pop punk edge with songs like “Good 4 U” and “All American B*tch.”

While the photo of Megan and Olivia could just be fellow musicians supporting each other, you can’t help but wonder if this means a collaboration is on the way.

The two have not publicized any friendship, I think the possibility of a musical duo is on the table. Fans took to the comments freaking out about the idea of it.

“Omg, my worlds colliding. I’m unwell.”

“My Spotify wrapped:”

“No one knows what this means to me.”

“Okay, so we obviously need a collab immediately.”

“My fav emo queens.”

“The collab we didn’t know we needed, but WE DID.”

“The collab would be insane though.”

Only time will tell if music is in the works, but I pray for the broken-hearted girls if a track of these two drops.

I think this track will put everyone in their feels. I mean, imagine the power combining these songs could hold.

“Sleep On My Side”


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