Could Rob Gronkowski Be Planning An NFL Comeback With The Miami Dolphins?

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We’re always talking about Tom Brady coming out of retirement, but we often forget about Tom’s trusted touchdown target Rob Gronkowski.

This might be surprising to hear, so I’ll try to give you enough warning so you can be prepared to take in this shocking information. Okay, are you ready?

Gronk is 34-years-old, which is the same age as Kansas City Chief (and Taylor Swift boyfriend) Travis Kelce.

You wouldn’t think that just by watching the two of them play football, right?

Gronkowski started racking up a ton of injuries towards the end of his career, which slowed him down and required him to seemingly wear a brace on basically every part of his body that bent. He’s been out of the NFL for almost two years.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce appears to be at the top of his game at 34, still catching the football from Patrick Mahomes at a high level and running for hundreds of yards (while also juggling a high-profile relationship).

So it’s not crazy to think that Gronk could come out of retirement, though he does seem to be settling into his Fox Sports analyst gig pretty nicely.

It would only make sense if it were the perfect opportunity, which Gronkowski spoke about on The Ryen Russilo Podcast.

Gronk was asked which team he would choose if he could pick an offense to be a part of right now in the NFL, and the all-time great tight end had this to say:

“Oh man. First off, I would love the New England Patriots offense, (it’s) my style of offense. 

And then another crazy offense, that you’re saying to this day, that I would play in…I know that was a surprising answer.

I would say it would be pretty cool to play for the Miami Dolphins on that offensive side of the ball.”

Saying the New England Patriots right there has to be some sort of contractual obligation that Gronk has with Bill Belichick, am I right?

Anyone that has watched them play this year knows that they are struggling mightily on the offensive side of the ball. They’ve scored a total of 3 points in their past two weeks. (maybe they just need Gronk?)

But anyways, back to what Gronk was saying about the Dolphins:

“It’s a whole different scheme. Mike McDaniel, he’s taken that style of offense, he’s implementing it to a whole other level. He’s taken what he has learned, he’s taken what he see’s as a successful offense, (and) he went out and got his guys.

He needs speed. The only thing he’s missing is a tight end and I feel like I would be able to adapt to that situation to where they could use me.

To where all these wide receivers and everything are going all over the place, and then there I am up the middle, just wide open. So I think that would be a great fit.”

I’m not sure anything I’ve seen out of Rob Gronkowski screams “speed,” but hey, maybe he’s onto something? I would certainly tune in to watch Gronk pull in touchdowns in a powerful Miami Dolphins offense.

You can view his quote from The Ryen Russilo Podcast below:

And getting back to the “speed” conversation with Gronk, this is the only visual you need to see to know that Gronkowski doesn’t have that fast quality that the rest of the Dolphins’ team boasts.

Funny enough, this video was when Gronk played against the Dolphins, and was for some reason the last line of defense when Miami pulled off a desperation, multi-lateral, last-second win against the Patriots:

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