Reba McEntire Is Mad At Taylor Swift For Dating Travis Kelce: “I Had A Crush On Him”

Reba McEntire Taylor Swift
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If you’ve been keeping up with the NFL at all over the past few weeks, or the Kansas City Chiefs in particular, the biggest story in football is that Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce is in a relationship with popstar Taylor Swift.

It feels like every time I’ve turned on the Chiefs game in the past few weeks, I’ve been watching more of Swift in the box alongside Kelce’s mom than I have actual football. She kicked things off in Kansas City for the Bears game, was on hand alongside the like of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner and more for the away game against the New York Jets, and then was back in the suite with Donna Kelce last night against Denver.

Needless to say, the NFL is taking the whole situation and running with it, and I’m sure it’ll go on for the entirety of their relationship. I mean, the league is just printing money because of it, you know they’re gonna steer into it as hard as they can.

Reba McEntire… Chiefs Fan

But speaking of Kelce and Swift’s relationship, there’s been one country music icon who is actually hurt over the newfound romance… and it’s no other than Reba McEntire. The Oklahoma native is a self-described Chiefs fan who regularly watches games with her boyfriend, Rex Linn.

The ’90s country legend said she said she was “so devastated” when she heard the news of the relationship, telling

“Oh, my gosh, I am so mad at her because I had a crush on him. Now I can’t have a crush anymore because he’s dating her.”

The 68-year-old hilariously called Kelce the “boyfriend that cheated on” her.

She continued:

“We were watching him play because I love the Chiefs and I love Patrick, and I’d say, ‘Oh, he’s so cute. Oh, he’s so cute.’”

And if you were wondering how Reba’s actual boyfriend Rex is handling all of this, don’t worry, because he gets a kick out of all of it:

“When he and Taylor started dating, Rex said, ‘Your boyfriend’s got another girlfriend.’ I said, ‘Rub it in.’”

Needless to say, Travis Kelce broke a lot of hearts when he started dating Swift, and Reba was one of them. And I’m sure Travis broke some hearts as well, although, I don’t think most guys wanna end up the subject of a Taylor Swift album… tread lightly, Trav.

Although, with Reba taking over for Blake Shelton as a judge on The Voice, she won’t have much time to be watching football anyways.

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