Jelly Roll Busts His A** Walking Down Stairs Of Private Jet: “This Is Gonna Be The Coolest Thing Ever”

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If you can’t laugh at yourself…

Jelly Roll has had quite a few viral moments over the past few weeks, from fans tossing weed up on stage and having a fan run across the venue’s roof during his set to more tender moments like sharing the stage with a disabled fan, people can’t get enough of Jelly Roll no matter the content.

Jelly Roll took to his social media to share a funny moment that occurred off stage.

He intros the video:

“If you want to see me bust my ass… keep watching this video. Storytime with Uncle Roll.”

Jelly Roll explains that between his recent set of shows, he had to take a quick flight away from the tour bus, making for an “I’ve made it the moment.” The bus pulled up on the landing platform right next to the private jet, making for a pretty cool moment.

“I’m going to videotape myself walking straight from the bus to the plane; this is gonna be the coolest thing ever.”

Jelly Roll inserts the clip over him talking, and he’s right. It’s a pretty cool moment. It feels very rockstar of him to take that video.

He then keeps going, saying that his bus was pulled right up to the plane upon his return, so he thought he would take the same video of him walking from the plane right onto the bus. Everything tracks, right? Super cool moments: he wants to share he’s back out on the road, can’t wait to meet his fans…. so on and so forth.

Well, the second video doesn’t go as planned when Jelly Roll takes a misstep and eats it down the private jet’s stairs.

The camera goes down with Jelly Roll, and he notes on his on-screen caption that he gets very dramatic super quickly. You hear one of his crew members ask if he is okay, to which Jelly Roll replies:

“Yeah, I think I broke something.”

After a second, you see the pilot standing over Jelly Roll, grabbing his phone, which is still recorded… and boom, a short flash of Jelly Roll just LAID out on the pavement. After a few groans, you hear him say again how bad it hurt.

“Ankle – arm- shoulder, everything you can hurt in that little scenario.” 

Jelly Roll, jelly rolled in this clip. Thankfully, he seems to be totally fine, or else I don’t think he’d be laughing with the fans on this video.

I guess this shows that even rockstars have their fair share of clumsy moments, too…

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