Jelly Roll Has Fan In Wheelchair Crowd Surfing Onto Stage: “Get Him To The F**king Stage… All Hands On Deck Here”

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Adding another reason to the list of why we love Jelly Roll.

I mean, let’s face the facts here, folks: Jelly Roll just made a core memory for this fan.

The country artist is known for having a teddy bear-like personality, despite his tattooed-covered stature that might have your boomer mom a little uneasy. But time and time again, he has proven how much his fans mean to him, often going above and beyond to give them a great show.

During a recent show, he saw a fan in the crowd and decided that he needed to be brought past the guard rails to join him on stage. This fan was in a wheelchair, making the task a little more difficult.

However, Jelly Roll fans in the crowd were determined to make his request happen, so they joined together to crowd surf the fan to the front of the stage:

“We need to get him to the f*cking stage. Can we get him on the stage? Hold on, we are going to need a lot of help, though we can’t drop the ball on this one. 

We can’t drop the ball on this one; this one is big. All hands on deck here, boys, I appreciate y’all helping us. Let’s get him right the f*ck right here. “

Once the fan is on stage, his face is filled with all the emotions, joy, shock, and disbelief that he is on stage with the famed singer.

Jelly Roll embraces the fan and then asks him to sing part of “Son Of A Sinner” with him.

You can’t help but smile while watching this video…

@onlyjellyroll Jelly Roll is the most amazing human being on this planet #jellyroll #concert ♬ Save Me (with Lainey Wilson) – Jelly Roll & Lainey Wilson

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