Will Ferrell Crashes Frat Party, Jumps Behind The DJ Board During USC’s Parent Weekend

Will Ferrell DJ

Throwing it back to the glory days.

Of all the people in Hollywood, Will Ferrell has to be near the top of everyone’s “I want to party with that guy” list.

The actor known for his roles in Talladega Nights, Anchorman, Elf, Step Brothers, Blades of Glory, and so many more films is easily one of the funniest guys out there, and throwing one one of his movies with an edible and two bags of popcorn is about as good of a time as you can have.

Although he’s 56 now, things don’t appear to be slowing down for the Irvine, California native.

It was recently announced he would be starring as John Madden in the upcoming Madden movie, voicing a dog in Straysand made an appearance as Mattel’s CEO in the blockbuster his Barbiebut in between his busy filming schedule he always finds time to cut loose and enjoy himself.

The latest example happened a few days ago during USC’s Parents Weekend, which is typically a bunch of old people trying to hang with the kids and passing out before 3pm, but Ferrell made sure that wasn’t the case this time around.

Will is a USC alum and member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, but stopped by the Sigma Alpha Mu house, hopped on the DJ board, and did his best to get the crowd fired up. His son Magnus is also currently a student at USC.

Not going to lie, I thought the kids would be way more excited having Will Ferrell there DJing, and there were certainly some bros who were fired up, but it was a good reminder that so many of those college parties we thought were insane were mostly just us standing in a corner with our friends drinking warm beer.

Regardless, it’s awesome that Will still throws down with the kids every now and again, and I’m glad it wasn’t more like Old School. 

Come on you remember the streaking scene…

Ahh, the glory days.

I couldn’t do college all over again, but man I’d sure go back for a weekend…

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And after the tailgate, Lincoln Riley and the USC football team, led by star quarterback Caleb Williams, pulled out a triple-overtime victory over Arizona, 43-41.

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A beer bottle on a dock