Will Ferrell Voices A Dog In Upcoming Movie “Strays” Which Is Being Called An R-Rated ‘Homeward Bound’


If Will Ferrell’s name is attached to really anything nowadays, I’m going to go see it.

I haven’t heard much about this new live action movie called Strays, which hits theaters June 9th, but I don’t honestly need to know much.

The movie is apparently being called an R-rated Homeward Bound, which is all I need to hear. Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx are leading the film as voices of the two main character dogs that can only be described as “good boys gone bad.”

Universal Studios describes the movie as:

“A subversion of the dog movies we know and love, Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar) and written by Dan Perrault (Players, American Vandal), is a hilarious, R-rated, live-action comedy about the complications of love, the importance of great friendships, and the unexpected virtues of couch humping.”

The trailer is hilarious and the cast list for the film is phenomenal. It’s a real who’s who with names (besides Ferrell and Foxx) attached to the project being Will Forte, Josh Gad, Rob Riggle, and Sofia Vergara to name a few.

I always get worried though when the trailer of the movie is too good. Does anyone else feel that way?

Sometimes a trailer can really try to sell a movie and they include all the film’s best scenes, thus leaving only “table scraps” to enjoy when you go to the theatre to see it.

But then again, this is a live action movie with actual dogs voiced by hilarious people and, most importantly, its rated R. It receives that classification due to the movie’s “pervasive language, crude and sexual content, and drug use.”

It seems like a nice departure from the regular live action movies that have been released in the past decade (mostly by Disney). I think it isn’t a stretch to say that this is The Secret Life of Pets, but for adults.

And if that’s what it is, I might as well go ahead and pre-order my ticket for opening night.

Still not sold on the movie? See if the trailer can change your mind:

Dogs drinking, doing mushrooms and dropping f-bombs? How can it get better than that?

And Will Ferrell’s dog character is threatening to bite off his owner Doug’s (played by the hilarious Will Forte) d**k? That’s a pretty big set up for the movie.

Classic film making, really. Introduce the characters, set up a conflict, and allow for that problem to be solved.

If the “problem” gets “solved” at the end of this movie (I’m referencing the dog biting off his owner’s you-know-what), I can really understand why it got the R rating.

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