Angler Releases Largemouth Just For It To Hit The Same Bait Seconds Later

Fishing two bass

Well that doesn’t happen often…

As we’ve seen recently, largemouth bass aren’t exactly the brightest fish. Just the other day we saw two largemouth get into a weird situation when one tried to eat another that was about the same size.

Now we get to see one of these act first, think later, bass in action.

A fisherman was spending a day bank fishing and hooked up with a decent largemouth on some type of soft plastic bait. He easily got the fish unhooked and threw the lure back into the water, taking a second to admire his catch before throwing it back in the water, saying…

“Alright buddy, til next time.”

But it turned out the next time wasn’t that far off. In fact, it was just mere seconds away. The bass hit the water and took off, but noticed the bait floating where he was swimming and decided to try and eat it again.

I mean, this had to be one hungry fish. The angler immediately starts cracking up, realizing that this was something few would believe unless it was caught on camera.

“Oh, no way! You can’t make that up! You cannot make that up.”

The joys of fishing. But the real question is, does this count as one or two for the day?

I’ll let you debate among yourselves…

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