Kayak Fisherman Stumbles Upon Pair Of Locked Up Largemouth Bass Trying To Swallow Each Other

Bass swallows another bass
Casey Reed

Like the video caption says, what was this bass thinking?

An angler named Casey Reed was out fishing when he spotted something strange floating in the middle of the water.

When he took his kayak over to inspect, it turned out to be two largemouth bass that had found themselves in quite a strange predicament.

Largemouth bass are aggressive and territorial fish, so whether the slightly smaller one just went to the wrong part of the lake or the slightly larger one wanted to flex his muscles, the two tangled up and the larger tried to gulp down the smaller.

But there was a problem.

The size differential was not big at all. I’m talking the larger was maybe 13 inches and the smaller was maybe 12…

So things went about how you would expect.

The larger one got its big old mouth around the head of the smaller but that was it, and despite the best efforts of both fish, they ended up stuck just like that, aimlessly floating around the lake until a predator or a helpful fisherman came by. Fortunately, the fisherman got there before a bird or otter did.

After some effort, Casey was able to get the two unlocked, but I don’t know what the odds of survival are going to be for the attacking fish… his jaws were locked wide open.

Regardless, just another reason why you should get out fishing. You just never know what you’re going to see.

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