Hikers Run Into Herd Of Bighorn Sheep Being Chased By A Grizzly Bear In Alberta, Canada

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Who doesn’t love a good hike?

Shake off the indoor air, breathe a fresh mountain breeze, get your heart rate up, and take in the gorgeous sights of this planet at its purest, I mean I’m about ready to call it a day and head to the hills right now.

But there’s always a chance you can run into something a bit more intense than you imagined.

We’ve seen videos of a hiker and his dog coming face to face with a mountain lion, two grizzlies meandering down a trail, and a family having to be airlifted from a close to town hike due to ice and mud, each example showing the wide array of things you can encounter that make your relaxing, rejuvenating day a reason you won’t do it again.

This latest video is not quite as dangerous as some of those, but it’s no less impressive and comes to us from Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada, when two hikers were just arriving and still in the parking lot of the trailhead.

The video starts with a herd of bighorn sheep coming right up to their car. There had to be over 20 of these guys, hobbling along in their bouncy little way, and just when you think it’s going to be a cute video, your eyes get drawn to something else lurking in the background.

A grizzly bear was in hot pursuit of the sheep, clearly trying to pick one off for that day’s meal.

Smartly, the hikers got back in their car when the bear was close to them and the herd takes off down the highway to escape. The bear shows some serious speed trying to catch them, but whether the sheep were just too fast or it was distracted by the cars and people around him, the bear was unable to catch up.

The video’s description gives some more detail on the hikers’ encounter.

“Cody and I got to witness something pretty crazy and honestly a little humbling today in Kananaskis when we rolled up to the parking lot for a late fall hike today.

This guy was ambling down the highway as we got to the parking lot but little did we know there was a herd of bighorn sheep hanging around as well.

Turns out, grizzlies can move pretty fast when they are chasing after prey. I hope this video can be a good reminder that bears are out and about right now and they demand our respect and distance.

I’m grateful we were safely perched right beside the car inside the door, when the sheep turned our way.

Some things to remember when you’re getting in your last fall hikes… Don’t get too close to wildlife (on second thought, we probably should have just stayed in the car). Don’t forget your bear spray! And take a friend (or a few) along for any hikes right now!!!

Bears are super active right now as they prepare for winter. Feeling like we got to experience something very special today that I won’t soon forget! What a beautiful creature and a wild day.”

I don’t live in grizzly country so I don’t really have to worry about running into one of these creatures trying to get some extra food before hibernation, but my goodness it’s going to be on my mind regardless.

Nature is beautiful, but just remember there’s always something out there that can make you a meal if you’re not alert.

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