Family Of 3 Airlifted From Minnesota Trails After Getting Stuck On A Hike


Not a great showing for the parents here…

A few days ago, a Minnesota mother and father decided to take their 3 year old out for a hike along the trails of Red Wing’s Barn Bluff. The hike is known for its great view of the Mississippi River and city below and generally is not a very difficult one for anyone trying to get some fresh air.

But that wasn’t the case that fateful day, as the path was covered in ice and mud, which stopped the family in their tracks along a ridge not far from town.

When they realized they couldn’t go forward or backwards along the trail, they were forced to call 911, who got there within 40 minutes and had them back to safety in a half hour.

Obviously, very happy all people got out unharmed and everyone is just left with a pretty funny story, but getting stuck on a trail when you can see your house? That’s some Kane Brown type behavior

It’s still freezing cold way up north, did they expect the ice to melt overnight? And bringing a three year old with you when you’re not even close to prepared for the challenge?

An all around swing and a miss…

Hopefully they return to conquer the hike in the summer.

Can’t let the wild beat you down like that…

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A beer bottle on a dock