71-Year Old Florida Woman Arrested For Beating Man Who Called Her An “Italian B*tch”

Wildwood Police Department

Granny’s still got some fight in her.

According to the New York Post, a 71-year old Florida woman was arrested this week after laying a beatdown on a man in a serene retirement community in the Sunshine State.

Linda Marie Caccese is actually a New Yorker, being born in Brooklyn and later living in Staten Island before retiring to The Villages in Florida. So that may explain part of why she’s so feisty. But apparently her relaxing retirement was tested by a man who was living with her neighbor.

Caccese says that the man was living with her close friend, who she had gone to visit because she needed help reconnecting a Bluetooth device (classic).

But when she arrived at her friend’s house, she was greeted by the friend’s ex-fiance, who was still living there.

According to Caccase:

“They were engaged, and she broke it off after she realized what kind of man he is.”

Well apparently she doesn’t exactly get along with the man, and she says he came out of the house and started cursing at her:

“He doesn’t like me, probably because I take my friend out of the house that’s like a prison for her.”

But the man called her one name that apparently pushed the 71-year old woman over the edge: An Italian b*tch.

Caccese says she flew into a rage, and the man ran back into the house to escape before eventually opening the door back up, apparently afraid that the retiree would break down the door or break a window trying to get at him.

That’s when Caccese began throwing haymakers at the man, but not until she says he grabbed her arm and forced her to defend herself. But Caccese says she landed several blows on him, and was eventually arrested for a misdemeanor battery charge.

The 71-year old was released on a $500 bond, but says she intends to fight to have the charges against her dropped:

“They told me it was because I was on his property. I tried to tell them that I was invited to come over there.”

One thing’s for sure: When I’m retired, I want a woman like this in my corner.

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