Tom Brady Can Barely Keep His Cool Watching The New England Patriots Get Blown Out: “What The F**k Is Going On?”

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Tom Brady will go down as possibly the greatest football player of all time, and easily one of the most competitive athletes in the history of sports.

The legendary quarterback has enough accolades to fill up an entire football field, and now that he’s retired for good (?), all he can do is sit on the couch like the rest of us and watch the games play out.

It seems as though that “fire” that he always had in his playing career is now bottled up, and the only way he can release it is by ranting on his podcast Let’s Go with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray. In one of the most recent episodes, Brady decided to tell the world how he really felt about his former team’s struggles.

The New England Patriots seem to be going nowhere fast, and future Hall of Fame Coach Bill Belichick just suffered the worst loss of his career against the Dallas Cowboys, losing 38 to 3. Tom Brady was apparently dialed into the game, at least in the early goings, and felt helpless watching his old squad getting blown out.

Let’s Go co-host Jim Gray asked Tom how he handled NFL games nowadays, especially Patriots matchups, and Brady had this to say:

“I just watch. It’s a hard thing because you just want to pull your hair out and say ‘what the f**k is going on here?’

If you’re part of a loss, you don’t care about anyone else’s losses. You just care about your loss. If you win, you look around and go ‘alright, who else lost?'”

Brady gave some insight into how he handled wins and losses during his playing days, shortly after he said he wanted to pull his hair out and curse out his team’s poor performance (welcome to our world Tom).

Tom continued:

“Football is a tough sport. It’s brutally tough and again, I was in it. I had a very big impact on every single game.

I have zero impact on any games (now). I didn’t have that perspective even when I was playing. This is a totally new life I’m living right now too. 32 years of playing and now (it’s the) first time I’m on the outside looking in.”

Clearly the fact that he’s not playing in the league anymore bugs him a bit, though after winning seven Super Bowls, what else do you really have to prove? I’ll always leave the door open for Tom Brady to un-retire (again), but his tone as of late makes it sound like his football playing days are behind him.

The tone he uses on his podcast, on the other hand, still makes me think that Tom has a little left in the tank. Take a look:

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