PGA Golfer Sam Burns Rocks A Mullet With “USA” Shaved Into His Head Going Into Ryder Cup Weekend

Sam Burns PGA golf

Tomorrow, one of the greatest events in all of professional golf kicks off…

And I’m talking about the Ryder Cup.

Taking place at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Rome, Italy, the best professional golfers in the United States will take on the best pro golfers in all of Europe, to see who will bring home the beloved Ryder Cup.

Although this tournament is strictly for country pride and bragging rights, each player knows the importance of this kind of event, and how crucial it is to bring back the Ryder Cup to their country.

And one United States player is taking “country pride” to a whole new level: Five time PGA Tour winner Sam Burns.

How is he celebrating the United States, going into this weekend, you may ask?

By cutting his hair into a mullet, and shaving the letters “USA” into the side.

I have to admit, this is an absolutely electric move by Burns here.

According to the New York Post, teammate Brooks Koepka weighed in on Burns’ new hairstyle:

“Yeah, Sam got a nice Kentucky waterfall going. It’s pretty solid, although the ‘USA’ that’s inscribed in the side of his head, I don’t know if he was doing that looking in a mirror, because it’s not …

‘USA’ doesn’t look the best. But it makes it even better, I think. It definitely classes up a little bit.”

Burns was asked when he got his last haircut, and that’s when he responded:

“I’ve gotten lots of haircuts the last few months … just I haven’t cut the back. I’ve just got to grow it while I still have it. I’m not going to have it forever.”

He also said his buddy was the one who shaved the “USA” into the side:

“He did it with a straight razor. I wasn’t that nervous. The worst thing that could happen was I get a little nick.”

U.S. team captain Zach Johnson also weighed in on the new cut:

“He’s got great hair. I mean, I’d do it if  I could do it. I just don’t have any hair to do it.”

The USA may or may not win this weekend against the Europeans, but Burns is gonna be the frontrunner for best hairstyle of the week.

Check it out:


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