North Carolina Dad Named “Happy” Fights Off Rabid Bobcat, Hurls It Across The Yard: “BOBCAT TACKED MA WIFE”

Bobcat attacks wife in North Carolina


First of all, right off the bat, before I say anything else… what a great neighborhood dad right here, a real Ned Flanders type. First thing in the morning and he gives the jolliest “good morning” I’ve ever heard in my entire life to a random jogger strolling up the road.

I already love this guy.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me set the scene.

This video is from a couple years ago, but it’s making the rounds on Reddit again, so felt like it was a good time to share. It looks like we have a nice Burgaw, North Carolina, family loading up the car for a trip to who knows.

Are they on their way to Walmart? Work? I got a hunch it could be church because we know it’s morning and dad looks like he has the coffee ready to go, maybe that’s a tray of brownies right there? Who knows…

What we do know is that he has no clue what’s waiting for him on the other side of that car.

He says to himself:

“I need to wash my car”

And then all hell breaks loose…

Let’s roll the tape:


Bobcat outta nowhere, attacks his wife, he manages to grab hold of the thing, gives it the old Simba pose and realizes what he’s holding:


He hurls the wild cat across the yard, which makes a b-line back for the house and dad comes running back, screaming…


Dad’s tribal instincts start taking over…


I will say, I gotta give some credit to dad for springing into action. A lesser man would’ve cowered in fear, but not this dad. He’s a real one.

And of course, Twitter had a field day with it.

The Couple Needed 35 Rabies Shots

According to USA Today, the wild animal attacked Kristi, bit her on the hand, along with her husband, Happy (sweet name by the way), who wrestled the bobcat and threw it across the yard after being bit three times himself.

To be honest, it looked pretty funny, and dad came off lookin’ like a heroic badass, but as it turns out, it had rabies and bit the couple up pretty good.

“It bit me on my hand, and the only reason I knew I got bit then was because I literally felt a tooth on my bone.”

The couple found out about 24-hours later that the bobcat was rabid, the first case the town had seen in over a year. Luckily enough, the Wade’s made it to the hospital in time, as they were treated with antibiotics, 35 shots in 14 days.


Kristi had this to say about the occurrence, and the time she spent at the hospital with over 20 puncture wounds:

“They picked arms and thighs and anywhere they could to get it in you. It was not fun, but it was necessary. I said to the nurse it was almost as bad as being attacked by the cat.”

The couple also noted that they eventually shot the rabid bobcat (you can see Happy draw his gun towards the end of the video) and they received some backlash for it:

“Unfortunately we did have to put the cat down, but that cat was suffering, and it was the right thing to do,.”

However, the couple seems to be in good spirits now, and Kristi is very thankful for her husband’s heroics:

“Someone asked me if I was surprised that Happy did that, and I said absolutely not. As long as I’ve known him, I always knew that if I was in a situation where I needed protecting, I knew that he would put me first.”

Happy also weighed in on the situation, and the fact that the video went viral:

“I’m pretty lucky that I married somebody that I feel that way about. Not everybody can say that. I just think I’m a loving husband, who was lucky enough to marry the right girl.

They’ve called us jokingly, ‘They’re celebrities,’ but we don’t feel like celebrities. We wish the video had never been shared, but it was, so now we’re dealing with it.”

It’s great to see that everybody’s doing well, and have fully recovered from this traumatic experience. At the end of the day, what kind of looked like a funny viral video turned out to be quite the nightmare for the folks involved.

Happy also joined Cable Smith on the Lone Star Outdoors Show to detail the nightmare experience.

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