Couple Cooks BBQ Ribs On Their Car Engine While On A Road Trip

car engine ribs

No thanks, I’ll just have water.

We’ve seen some crazy cooking hacks from the internet over the years. Most of them are insane and just clickbait, but some of them can prove to be useful.

This one though? I’m putting it firmly in the “insane” category. Hell, maybe even in the “go straight to jail” category.

A TikToker made a video of herself and her husband, supposedly getting ready to leave for a family reunion when they realized they forgot to cook the ribs.

Now, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way now: Is this real, or is it all for TikTok clout? I mean, if you’re driving 4 hours to a family reunion and you know you’re supposed to cook ribs, chances are you aren’t going to just forget something like that. So I’m not saying this is all fake, but…

Well the couple comes up with a…creative?…way to solve their problem: She seasons the ribs, wraps them in foil, and sticks them on the engine under the hood of the car to cook while they’re driving.

Like I said, we’re entering “straight to jail” territory here. I mean, they realize there’s probably a Chili’s on the way to the reunion, right?

Well supposedly the “hack” worked, because they claim that when they got there the ribs were fully cooked and safe to eat (because who doesn’t like their ribs seasoned with engine dirt and smoked in a little exhaust flavor).

@theadleyshowCooking RIBS on the engine during a roadtrip! 💁🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🍳

♬ original sound – adley

Of course this may all just be fake and something that they posted to get the internet fired up, but safe to say it worked.

Reading through the comments on the video, reactions were mixed: Many people said they’ve actually done this before, but others quickly pointed out that there were two different vehicles in the video – so these may not have been engine smoked ribs after all.

And of course, many others were just horrified:

“This is why I don’t eat at other peoples houses.. u never know”

“You the reason why I only eat food cooked from the source”

“Texas has left the chat”

“With Gas price now it’s not worth it”

“Finish ‘er off with a little Penzoil Vinaigrette *chefs kiss*”

“Ahh, the motor oil taste is fabulous and the hint of coolant is the icing on the cake!”

Yeah, I probably won’t be taking my chances this one. But it does look better than the hotel room hair dryer ribs we saw awhile back…


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