Cody Jinks Brings 10-Year Old Son Larson Onstage For His First Live Guitar Performance, And He Absolutely Shredded

Cody Jinks country music
YouTube/Cody Jinks

Talent runs in the family.

Cody Jinks is undeniably one of the most talented guys in country music right now, blending rock and Texas country into his own unique sound. And the man can straight shred on the guitar.

But he’s not the only Jinks who can play.

Cody’s brought his son Larson on stage before to sing with him. But the younger Jinks has also been picking up guitar, and recently joined his dad to make his live debut – and he absolutely crushed it.

Jinks shared a video on YouTube today of the heartwarming father/son moment from his show in Omaha, Nebraska at Ralston Arena back in February when Cody invited 10-year old Larson onstage to show off his guitar skills in front of a crowd for the first time.

Imagine making your debut performance in front of 4,000 people…

But Larson was a natural, even joining his dad for soundcheck to make sure that the mix in the monitors was just right so he could put on the perfect performance.

Then during the show, Cody introduced the crowd to young Larson:

“We’re going to do something a little bit different. We’ve never done this before. My son has gotten up on stage and sang with me before, a few different shows throughout the last few years, but I told him the next time he wanted to get on the stage with us he needed to be playing the guitar. So we’re going to get my son to come out and do a couple songs with us if you don’t mind.”

Well Larson absolutely crushed it, working the stage and the crowd as he shredded on a cover of “Reach For the Sky” by Social Distortion.

And then Larson and his dad played a song that was actually inspired by the younger Jinks, one of Cody’s biggest hits, “Loud and Heavy.”

“We’re gonna do a song that we wrote the day he turned 2. And he was the inspiration behind this song, and now he’s gotta play it.”

A full-circle moment no doubt, but Larson was right at home beside his dad, even throwing his guitar pick out to the crowd at the end of the song.

Seems like Cody’s got a backup guitar player waiting in the wings if he ever needs one.

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