Travis Kelce’s Jersey Sales Are Up 400% Since Taylor Swift Showed Up At The Kansas City Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
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Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift appear to officially be dating, and the sports world and the “Swiftie world” can hardly contain themselves – some with excitement and some with eye rolls.

That excitement is spilling over into the sales department as well, where after Taylor Swift was spotted cheering on her “new boyfriend,” Travis Kelce’s jersey sales saw a 400% spike in sales. The star footballer apparently also gained over 300,000 followers on social media.

Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but her fanbase is as rabid and loyal as they come, and they are clearly all in on this budding relationship between their favorite music star and one of the NFL’s all-time-great tight ends.

There’s no telling how many Taylor Swift fans became Kansas City fans over the weekend, and just going off of how things in the past have played out, I can’t wait to hear the breakup album that Swift puts out when it’s time to move on from Kelce.

Swift has already been credited with supporting the United States economy with her Eras Tour, and now it seems like she has helped with NFL jersey sales as well. Basically, if you want to sell a bunch of stuff, just attach it to Taylor Swift and it will take off.

One person in the NFL world that appears to be “buying into” the relationship is New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. He was on a radio show called The Greg Hill Show this morning and was asked this intricate question by one of the hosts:

“Swiftie to Swiftie, Taylor Swift was in attendance to watch Travis Kelce’s game with his mom in the box. Seems like they may be the new ‘it’ couple. Where do you fall on that? Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, power couple in the NFL?”

Bill, who is known to be pretty stoic and serious, decided to let his sense of humor shine through with his answer, saying:

“Well, I would say that Travis Kelce has had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest.”

Folks, if Bill Belichick is in on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce (celebrity couple name could be “Kelswift”) relationship, I guess we all really should be.

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