Elk Walks Right Up To Man Who Is Just Trying To Use His Chainsaw

Elk pesters lumberjack
LAD Bible

Aren’t you supposed to be scared?

These creatures are so confusing, you just never know what they might get up to.

Elk are some of the best to come across out there. They are unique members of the deer family, the second largest at that. They can grow up to 1,000 pounds and are known to have some of if not the best game meat out there.

Elk, like all members of the deer family, have very little defense mechanisms, other than speed and size. If they are bigger, they might be able to outrun and kick the prey enough to get away.

Naturally, they are pretty worrying animals, always on edge and ready to bounce. That’s what they need to do to do survive.

Things like loud noises and weird things they don’t usually see is enough to make them run for the hills.

This elk is different though, not minding noise or weird things at all.

She is seen approaching a working man, who is going to town with a chainsaw.

As he fires it up and cuts she doesn’t even flinch. The saw roars and the elk moves closer.

Between cuts the man even gives her a head scratch.

I would say this elk has been around these people before.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock