Tyler Halverson Tells The Tale Of Chasing Stubborn Girls In New Single “Yella Rose”

Tyler Halverson country music
Tyler Halverson


The twang on this twanger,

Tyler Halverson’s songwriting has officially become one of my favorites. From his witty and clever lyrics to his more serious tunes, his take on Americana music is damn good.

In his newest single, “Yella Rose,” Tyler highlights the story of chasing a Texas and how his chosen rose (girl) shines brighter than the others he has previously had an interest in, but she is making him work to win her heart.

I like that Halverson chose a yellow rose for the track’s focal point because it ironically plays on the yellow aviators he sports as part of his signature look.

“That one about stubborn Dallas darlin’s is out there in the wild! Y’all go give Yella Rose a spin.”

The song’s melody highlights heavy steel guitar riffs, giving it a western twang you can’t get enough of. The honky tonk melodies will have you ready to two-step across the dance floor.

“But that yella one from Texas
Takes more time than I’ve ever known
Oh that Dallas darling
I just can’t leave her alone
Well she kissed me in the summer, I fell by the fall
Now we’re coming up on winter and I’m still hanging on
To that yella one from Texas
Shines brighter than I’ve ever known”

Tyler Halverson has been dropping a string of phenomenal singles, and I am anticipating an album announcement soon. With his previously released singles “Run Wild,” “Her,” and “Cut You Loose,” Halverson highlights his unique sound and talented songwriting ability, making him someone to watch.

Smash the play button on “Yella Rose.”

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