“Oh Sh*t! STOP THE BOAT” – German Shepherd Belly Flops Onto Dolphins Swimming By Fishing Boat

Dog jumps in after dolphins
Brian Dunham

Dogs just want to have fun.

The only issue is, good boys and good girls don’t always know what’s best for them. That often leads our furry friends to get in way over their heads in certain situations, like this German shepherd that abandoned ship to swim with some dolphins.

In defense of this doggo, there are a lot of people that have “swimming with dolphins” on their bucket list. Usually those events are more sanctioned than just jumping off a boat when you see them swim by, but this dog wasn’t thinking things all the way through. It simply saw the dolphins, observed that it looked like they were having fun, and decided to join them.

If anything, we should be applauding this dog’s decisiveness. The German shepherd knew what it wanted to accomplish, grabbed life by the horns (or the fins, in this case) and made its dreams come true. We’d all be lucky to have that kind of life.

However, we’d all also probably go about swimming with the dolphins a little differently. This dog was sitting at the bow of the fishing boat and eagerly watching the dolphins swim right in front of the vessel’s path. Any dog owner knows that it was clearly showing signs it was considering jumping into the water.

So guess what? That’s exactly what the German shepherd did. As its owner watched, the dog belly flopped right into the pod of dolphins, which forced out this reaction from the person filming:

“Oh sh*t, stop the boat! Stop the… yeah he jumped in. Stop!”

Fortunately, the dog wasn’t in any danger, which led to those still in the fishing boat to laugh the whole thing off as they worked to get a doggy-paddling German shepherd named “Maverick” back into the boat. As the dog swam to keep up with the floating vessel, the dogs presumed owner scolded it for jumping into the water.

I don’t know Maverick all that well (or really at all), but something tells me he would dive right back into the water with the dolphins if he had to do it over again. He had the time of his life, and his hilarious actions provided the world with this comical video.

Check it out:

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