Tyler Halverson’s “Cut You Loose” Poses A Fresh Take On The Americana Sound

Tyler Halverson country music

If you haven’t heard of Tyler Halverson, he needs to be on your radar.

Tyler Halverson is a new kid on the block but is not coming to mess around. In early May, he signed with a major record label, Atlantic Records, and also released his first single with them, “Her.” It was the perfect song to come out of the gates and turn some heads.

The South Dakota native has a unique way of telling stories of love and lust while providing a fresh sound to Americana Music, or as he calls it, “Western Amerijuana Music.”

His latest single, “Cut Her Loose,” poses a much more vulnerable subject matter—the internal battle of cutting a lover that is no good free.

“And it’s true, been waiting on you
Just to want me back-wish, you’d give me half of what I have for you
Sick of playing the fool, and it leaving me blue
If my over you is overdue, why can’t I cut you loose?”

The acoustic song features the kind of western feel that would be played around a campfire in Montana. It’s fresh and exciting to listen to.

Give him a listen while he is still up and coming.

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