Reba Partners With 40 Farms Across U.S. For Reba-Themed Country Music Corn Mazes To Promote New Book

Reba corn maze
Reba McEntire

Ready to get lost in Reba land? Literally…

Reba has teamed up with farms across the United States to create 40 unique Reba-inspired country music Corn Mazes. Each maze will feature a different pattern, whether Reba’s logo, her face, or a pattern giving a nod to her Oklahoma roots; the aerial view makes it loud and clear that the corn maze is modeled after the red-headed country star.

“While l admit being in a corn maze is one of the more unique things I’ve ever been invited to be a part of, I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with some of the things that matter most to me – farming, family, and friends.”

Unique is one way to put it…

The three-time Grammy Award-winning artist noted.

“Growing up on a ranch in Oklahoma, I know how important agriculture is and I love being involved with something that brings more people out to farms across the country for good wholesome fun!”

The mazes are a promotional move for Reba’s new book, Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots, available for purchase on October 10th.

The lifestyle book will be accompanied by an album, NOT THAT FANCY, available on October 6th.

Maze goers will be able to enjoy more than the Reba-inspired intricate designs but also clue cards that quiz guests about Reba’s achievements and music, photo opts, music, and prizes.

I can’t help but imagine aliens flying over the United States and wondering why this lady’s face is all over the country.

“She must be the ruler of this land… take me to your red-headed leader.”

Only in America…

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