Tesla Driving Through Yellowstone National Park Recognizes Bison As A “Dog Person”

Tesla bison
Trent Sizemore

Teslas are viewed as some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market, but it looks like they still have some work to do with their “Tesla Vision” feature.

The technology is in place to help the Tesla cars with their autonomous driving and sets out to identify objects all around the vehicle to help keep the driver and those around the Tesla safe. There have been some smaller issues with the system, and it appears that Elon Musk has some work to do with the “outdoors” aspect of the technology.

This user was only utilizing the visualization feature and did not have his Tesla in the autonomous driving mode, and this weird mistake might encourage the Tesla owner to always drive themselves when out in nature.

For the most part, the computer within the car is trustworthy in identifying the environment surrounding it, though it must not have “large land animals” installed in the recognition system. As you know, there are plenty of 2,000 pound bison wandering around Yellowstone National Park, and the Tesla wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

As the owner drives by some bison that are grazing just off the side of the road, the video shows that the Tesla Vision doesn’t know how to identify them. In some moments, it recognized the bison as people, and in others, it thought that they were both small and large dogs.

My favorite part is that it starts to quickly jump back and forth between guessing that it is a human and a dog, meaning that the Tesla thought it was some sort of “werewolf” before it was going to guess it was a massive bison. I also understand why a Tesla wouldn’t have large animals installed into their software, because how many times are you really going to need your car to recognize a bison?

It’s still a pretty funny video, and one that a lot of people will probably point at and say “see, I’m not letting my car drive for me until it can tell the difference between a bison, a dog, and a human being.”

The clip was posted on Instagram with the caption:

“I’ve been hoping to drive by some bison to see what our Tesla sees them as. Apparently, they’re people, and then large and small dogs.”

Instagram users had a good laugh at the video, leaving comments below saying:

“Good training for the Tesla A.I.”

“This…is so weird.”

“You need to submit a ticket so they can add bison.”

“A.I. only goes so far.”

“Interesting. That’s so funny.”

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