Young Black Bear Fails Miserably At Hunting A Deer On North Carolina Golf Course, Bros Watch In Amazement: “Pulled The 1-2, Bambi”

Black bear golf course
Evan Kuprewicz

Ahh, the joys of spending the day on the links with the boys.

Crush a few beers, talk some trash, shank a new box of balls into the woods, and watch a black bear try to maul a deer just feet away from the green.

Can’t think of anything better.

A group of guys were playing a round of golf at Ocean Ridge Plantation in North Carolina when they found themselves right next to an absolutely crazy scene unfolding on the course.

The video starts with a young black bear eyeing up a buck who had ran into a pond after being chased. Immediately, the commentary begins and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect…

“Yo, I gotta putt with this sh*t going on?”

Eventually, the buck tries to leave the pond and go on about his life, but the black bear is having none of that and circles back to chase him through the woods once again, which forces the deer to run back into the pond for a second time.

Again, we’re hit with some ultimate bro commentary.

“Pulled the old one-two, Bambi.”

But this time, the bear doesn’t wander off, he gets in the water himself and starts trying to get to the deer. Although black bears are very good swimmers in general, it’s clear this guy doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing.

He’s most likely just leaving his mother’s side and trying to figure out the world, but man it’s funny to see one of these predators not be able to handle itself in a small body of water.

The bear gets in and out of the water multiple times, each entry more tentative that the last, until it eventually musters up the courage to swim all the way over. At this point, the buck had to be kicked into fight or flight mode and gave the bear a nice whack on the nose with its hooves before bounding away to safety.

The bear half-heartedly attempts to follow him, but it’s clear who the winner of the day is going to be.

Score one for the deer and shoutout to the boys for capturing all of this on video and giving me quite a few laughs.

Gosh, need to go play a round soon…

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A beer bottle on a dock