Tyler Childers Shines On Elvis Presley-Inspired Studio Album, ‘Rustin’ In The Rain’

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Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers’ 6th studio album is HERE.

Titled Rustin’ In The Rain, the seven-song album highlights a collection of songs Childers would have pitched to The King, Elvis Presley, had he had the chance.

“This is a collection of songs I playfully pieced together as if I was pitching a group of songs to Elvis.

Some covers, one co-write, and some I even wrote in my best (terrible) Elvis impersonation as I worked around the farm and kicked around the house.

I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

This collection of rockin’ honky tonk tracks I am sure would Elvis would have approved of. While many might read that Childers wanted to pitch this to Elvis, you’d think the album resembles the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of him. However, Childers spun the tracks to highlight the gospel, blues, and even some of the country stylings that listeners also found in Elvis’ music.

There is not a bad track on this album.

The title track, “Rustin’ In The Rain,” highlights the honky tonk spirit of Childers that fans know and love. The upbeat melodies will have you stompin’ your feet along or swinging your partner around the dance floor.

Other standouts from the album include his near-brilliant covers of Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and his fan-favorite cover of S.G. Goodman’s “Space And Time.” 

Right before the album’s release, Childers took to the historic Opry stage to perform the track with Goodman for the first time. Talk about a magical moment.

@whiskeyriff♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

There is something for all walks of life on this album. For the brokenhearted “Phone Calls And Emails,” for the spiritual “Luke 2:8-10” and for those in ripe with love, “In Your Love.” 

This is a complete body of work, thoughtfully curated, expertly crafted, and the finish product is yet another stellar piece of the Tyler Childers catalog.

Well done, Timmy Tyler.

“Rustin’ In The Rain”

“Phone Calls And Emails”

“Space And Time”

Percheron Mules”

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