Zach Bryan Fans (Still) Furious With Ticketmaster After Disastrous Presale For 2024 ‘Quittin’ Time’ Tour

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It’s official: All the homies still hate Ticketmaster.

Zach Bryan has been one of the most outspoken voices against the ticketing giant, doing his best to combat the insane fees and resale prices for tickets on his last tour by selling tickets exclusively through AXS, and making the tickets to his shows non-transferable. I mean, the guy even named his live album All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster.

Well, spoiler alert, people still weren’t happy.

So when Zach announced his 2024 Quittin’ Time Tourhe went back to the old system (and the enemy) and used all ticketing sites, including Ticketmaster, for the upcoming tour.

And once again, like we’ve come to expect from Ticketmaster based on many past experiences, it was a total clusterf*ck.

Fans immediately began reporting long waits, only to get past the queue and onto the site to buy tickets to find that prices were already sky high – or completely unavailable.

And that’s just the fans who were actually able to get in.

I even tried myself to get tickets to five separate shows (two in Birmingham and three in Chicago). And by the time I got past the queue, this is what the prices looked like:

Zach Bryan presale
Whiskey Riff


And any time I thought I had found reasonably priced tickets (and by reasonable I mean less than $300) they were gone before I could even get them in my cart.

Zach Bryan ticketmaster
Whiskey Riff

Just an endless string of “another fan beat you to these tickets” until finally the system thought I was a bot and kicked me out.

And judging from the reaction on Twitter, there were a lot of fans in the same boat.

Now obviously, there were a few lucky fans who managed to navigate the impossible system and score reasonably-priced tickets.

Overall though, it seems most fans realized that the issue isn’t Zach. It’s the whole Ticketmaster/Live Nation system that’s used what’s essentially a monopoly on the live entertainment industry to force fans to go through this excruciating process just to buy tickets to see their favorite artists.

And pretty much everybody is ready to see it change.

And as Zach said, unfortunately there’s no real solution to the issue right now. Ticketmaster is the giant in the industry, and that means until somebody else comes along and forces them to compete and actually make their process fan-friendly, this same situation is just going to keep happening.

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t – but unfortunately, a lot of Zach Bryan fans were pretty damned upset today.

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