Ernest To Release ‘ERNEST & The Fellas Unplugged’ Project, Featuring Audio From ‘Salvage Sessions’ & ‘Circle Sessions’ Series

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Courtesy of Big Loud Records

Live and unplugged.

Ernest is putting out a live album with audio from his Salvage Sessions and Circle Sessions series called ERNEST & The Fellas Unplugged, which will be available both on streaming platforms and as limited release double-sided vinyl.

He released Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses in February of this year, and followed it up with some cool, stripped back live performances videos from the aforementioned two series with songs from the deluxe record, which I really enjoyed because I always love hearing a song in its purest, most simple form.

Ernest says with his fall headlining tour gearing up to kick off, he wanted to close out the Flower Shops era with live version of some of his bands personal favorites to play out on the road:

“‘FLOWER SHOPS’ has been such a wild ride. I can’t put words to how much the love and support for the album and its deluxe means to me.

Now that we’re getting ready to be back out on the road headlining this fall, it only felt right that the fellas and I wrap up this chapter with live versions of some of our favorites to play live.”

The tracklist features fan-favorites like “This Fire,” “What I Have I got To Lose,” and even his cover of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” from the Circle Sessions series.

ERNEST & The Fellas Unplugged is due out soon on September 29th, and you can see the full tracklist below.


“This Fire (Circle Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Rocky Block, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan)
“Wild Wild West (Circle Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Jacob Durrett, Rafe Tenpenny)
“What Have I Got To Lose (Circle Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Brian Kelley, Dean Dillon)
“Done At A Bar (Circle Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Josh Thompson)
“Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Circle Sessions)” (John Clayton Mayer)
“Feet Wanna Run (Salvage Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Chris LaCorte, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
“Comfortable When I’m Crazy (Salvage Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Rodney Clawson)
“Songs We Used To Sing (Salvage Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Justin Ebach, Charles Kelley)
“Miss That Girl (Salvage Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Brad Clawson, Jacob Durrett)
“Unhang The Moon (Salvage Sessions)” (Ernest Keith Smith, Grady Block, Brad Clawson, Jacob Durrett)

“Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Circle Sessions)”

“Feet Wanna Run (Salvage Sessions)”

“What Have I Got To Lose (Circle Sessions)”

“This Fire (Circle Sessions)”

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