The Internet Is In Love With The Denim Romper-Wearing Girl Who Dominated The Morgan Wallen Port-A-Potty Fight

Morgan Wallen fight romper girl

And out of the depths of the port-a-potty, a new hero was born.

A video went viral yesterday showing an absolutely insane scene at a Morgan Wallen concert in Pittsburgh when a brawl between some ladies at the show spilled over into a port-a-potty.

But one of the girls in particular has been getting a lot of attention.

The video shows two girls fighting right in front of the bathroom as another girl looks like she’s just trying to get the hell out of the port-a-potty. But while the door’s open, the fight spills over into the one place you DON’T want to be wrestling around on the ground.

As they’re fighting, another girl hands off her drink and tries to break it up, but soon a fourth girl in a denim romper and cowboy boots bursts out of the neighboring port-a-potty and immediately starts throwing hands next door.

She drags two girls out by their hair before turning her attention back to the bathroom (and the girl who originally looked like she was trying to break up the scrum), punching and kicking her to the port-a-potty floor before trying to slam the door on her.

Denim romper girl was an absolute beast, bursting out of the port-a-potty like Superman busting out of a phone booth and immediately jumping in to just dominate the altercation.

And the internet is obsessed with her.

She even caught the attention of Barstool Sports president and owner Dave Portnoy:

And after the video of the brawl went viral, denim romper girl came forward to identify herself – and respond to Portnoy’s offer:

Instagram screenshot

Turns out the internet’s newest hero is Dalanie DiSabato, a 21-year old nursing student who clearly has a mean right hook and knows how to use her cowboy boots to inflict maximum destruction.

She’s also clearly embraced her new “Romper Stomper” nickname, as her new fans have flooded her Instagram comments:

“The Pittsburgh Porta-Pounder”

“Ass kicker and a smoke show deadly combination for sure”

“Who knew this Barbie could scrap! Damn”

“The Wallen Walloper!”

Who knew that the internet’s newest hero of 2023 would come from a port-a-potty at a Morgan Wallen concert.

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