Great White Shark Rams Kayak TWICE In Hot Pursuit Of A Seal

Shark attacks
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Yep, that’s a little too close for comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for seeing sharks do cool things from long distances away, or on TV.

However, the last place I’d want to be near a massive shark is in a kayak out in the middle of the ocean…

With that being said, sponsored New Zealand kayak fisherman and YouTuber Greg Potter found himself in this sticky situation recently.

The man was out jigging for tuna in Waihau Bay back on August 26th, and enjoying the fresh air when all of a sudden he noticed a huge great white shark hunting a seal.

Luckily for us, Potter caught it all on video footage, as you can see the seal leap from the water several feet in the air, flying around like a ragdoll, and the shark leaping right after it.

However, the seal and shark proceed to make their way closer and closer to the kayak. Next thing you know, the shark rammed the kayak not once, but twice.

Honestly, it’s amazing how Potter was able to keep his composure in this situation, because Lord knows I’d be losing my mind.

Potter wrote in the caption to the video:

“Well this was a little close for comfort! While fishing off the East Cape of New Zealand, I crossed paths with this feeding shark – it was either a great white or a mako… I’m still not 100% sure.

The distance I had between myself and the shark was quickly closed when the seal decided my kayak would be a good hiding spot, while I’m glad to have come away unscathed, this was a truly thrilling experience.”

Potter also discussed the wild scene in an interview with The New Zealand Herald, saying:

“If it had managed to get me out of the kayak, that could have been a pretty disastrous ending.

I was dressed in full black, pretty much … I can only imagine what the shark would have made of my legs thrashing around.”

Luckily enough, nobody was hurt (well, except the seal), and Potter was able to share this one to the world.

Check it out:

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